Are you tired of the burps, belches, bloating and reflux caused by the sodium bicarbonate that you take for CKD?

Bicarbi is enteric coated sodium bicarbonate (650 mg) designed to help protect your kidneys without the unwanted GI side effects of un-coated sodium bicarbonate.

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"Bicarbi is a great product. Before my doctor recommended Bicarbi, I would have severe reflux every time I took uncoated sodium bicarbonate for my CKD" Leonard P., Boca Raton Florida

"My husband couldn't tolerate sodium bicarbonate for his kidney disease, because it would upset his stomach and and he would burp a lot after he took it. Then his doctor recommended Bicarbi." Dorothy S., Orange, California

"Before we moved to Florida from New York, my doctor recommended that I try Bicarbi because I sometimes had GI upset and belching with regular sodium bicarb pills. I've been taking Bicarbi for over a year with no stomach issues so far." Nancy G., Fort Meyers Florida

"I was told by my kidney doctor to take sodium bicarbonate pills for my CKD. They sometimes made me burp a lot, so I didn't always take them every day. My doctor said that I need to take more of the sodium bicarb pills because my lab numbers were looking worse. I told him that I don't always take the bicarb pills because of the burping. He recommended Bicarbi. It's a little harder to get since I have to order it, but I don't burp when I take it" Antonio B., Laredo Texas