Slow Kidney Disease And Live Longer By Treating Metabolic Acidosis Due To CKD With Bicarbi.

Bicarbi and Bicarbi Double Strength are enteric coated sodium bicarbonate capsules without GI side effects or a salty taste.

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Published clinical data from a respected medical journal just revealed*:

Properly treating Metabolic Acidosis (MA) due to Chronic Kidney Disease with sodium bicarbonate (the active ingredient in Bicarbi and Bicarbi Double Strength) may do the following:
    • Slow the progression of CKD.

    • Help you live longer and healthier.
    • Reduce the the chance of having to go on dialysis.

    *Treatment of metabolic acidosis with sodium bicarbonate delays progression of chronic kidney disease: The UBI study.
    Di lorio et al: Journal of Nephrology (2019) 32:989-1001

    Metabolic Acidosis of CKD, Clinical Importance and Management
    Presented By: Jessica Kendrick MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado