Slow Kidney Disease and Live Longer By Controlling Acidosis With Bicarbi.

Bicarbi and Bicarbi Double Strength are enteric coated sodium bicarbonate capsules without GI side effects or a salty taste.

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Published clinical data from a respected medical journal just revealed*:

Properly treating Metabolic Acidosis (MA) due to Chronic Kidney Disease with sodium bicarbonate (the active ingredient in Bicarbi and Bicarbi Double Strength) can do the following:

    • Delay the progression of CKD.

    • Reduce mortality.
    • Reduce the the chance of having to go on dialysis.

*Treatment of metabolic acidosis with sodium bicarbonate delays progression of chronic kidney disease: The UBI study.
Di lorio et al: Journal of Nephrology (2019) 32:989-1001